Acquisition Criteria

We use the following criteria to identify potential multifamily investment opportunities, although it is possible an individual property we acquire might not meet all of these:

  • 200 units or greater of “garden-style” and “mid-rise.” Fewer units will be considered if we or our affiliates already have or are acquiring other assets in the market.

  • 1982 or newer construction. Older properties will be considered if we or our affiliates believe they are in a B+ or better location with a significant value-add story.

  • Private pay tenants (no more than 10% of government assistance or tax credit in the portfolio).

  • Location based on demographics, local growth plan, and in-person visits to review the market. We attempt to be in the five- to 10-year growth path for optimal exit.

  • Purchase price at or below replacement cost.

Samples of Previously-held Properties

Multifamily & Student Housing

Senior Living Communities

Commercial/Light Industrial/Office