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30 Years Of Extraordinary Results

At the Wilkinson Family of companies, we invest alongside our clients and manage every aspect of the process with time-tested strategies. As we have transacted over $3.0 Billion of real estate over the last 30 years our passion has been improving lives while creating a legacy of success together. With a world-class team, we carefully craft and execute plans to create strong investment results and bring about a positive impact on people and the planet.

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  1. Average includes all sold multifamily properties across Wilkinson’s history whether or not owned by multifamily funds.
  2. As underwritten prior to acquisition for investors in multifamily funds.
  3. Average Investor Equity Multiple, Typical Targeted Returns Realized Average Gains calculated at multifamily fund investor level net of fees.
  4. Growth Focused Investment Average returns and equity multiple higher than overall averages for investors in full-cycle multifamily funds.
This does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Securities may be sold only to accredited investors and only through an offering memorandum. No person has been authorized to give any information or to make any representations in connection with any offering of Wilkinson Corporation’s securities other than information and representations contained in the offering memorandum. All prospective investors should read the offering memorandum and consult with their own legal, accounting, tax, and financial advisors before deciding to invest.
*25% has been rounded up from 24.98%

Purpose-driven Real Estate

Wilkinson’s proprietary 360 Impact approach is an all-encompassing, holistic management strategy designed to create flourishing apartment communities that significantly and positively impact our bottom line: Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit.

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What Our Investors Say
In my experience, everyone at Wilkinson has been very friendly - it's important. They have responded to some special requests of mine that did require some extra effort on their part. They have made an attempt and taken the time to educate me - you can never get enough of that. Their investment philosophies have always matched mine. That makes me feel as though I am on the right track - regardless if I am or not. They are not pretentious - despite the fact that they have probably earned the right to be. A confused mind always says "no." Wilkinson has brought me through the terror of confusion - the terror of not knowing - to a point where I feel confident that if they have done the research and have decided this or that is a good move I don't have to fret too much about all the other stuff.
Dale W., DDS, MI
What Our Investors Say
We have been invested with Wilkinson for at least 24 years, in many different funds. We keep re-investing. That fact demonstrates our satisfaction.
Robert S., PA
What Our Investors Say
We have been investing with Wilkinson for around 18 years. We have complete confidence in them. They are always open and informative, kind and considerate. We feel we get personal service from them that we would not get elsewhere. We highly recommend them.
Maryanne R., NV
What Our Investors Say
David is an excellent representative for your firm. The integrity and transparency are exemplary.
Jan L. , WA
What Our Investors Say
I have been an investor with Wilkinson for 10 years. I have been very happy with my returns. I really like this low touch, from my end, form of real estate investing.
Kate W., DDS, WA
What Our Investors Say
I have been with Wilkinson Corp since 1990. I consider Russ Wilkinson, the founder, a friend and have had a friendly business relationship throughout the years. Wilkinson Corp has exceeded their goals time after time.
Steve B., WA
What Our Investors Say
I have participated in the group conferences or zoom calls where you bring in an expert from the field to talk about a topic...I rather enjoyed these but haven’t seen you do one for a while. I think scheduling some additional ones would be great. Very pleased with my investments in Wilkinson. I have found them (staff and management) to be very professional and responsive. I feel confident that they are using my investment in a reliable and quality way. I will invest in them again and again.
Greg S., CA
What Our Investors Say
I watched Wilkinson adapt to challenging conditions with Bayview TIC and develop a profitable business plan for future investments.
Ed F., CA
What Our Investors Say
We are pleased with the returns on our investments and the prompt service when asked.
Gary C., WA
What Our Investors Say
David and Kellee have been exemplary in their efforts to answer any and all of my sometimes silly and uneducated questions. David always goes out of his way to be forthcoming with any questions I have ever presented to him. Your crew is most accommodating. WILKINSON is a very professional and profitable corporation and I feel privileged and fortunate to be associated with your organization.
Ed L., WA

World-class Multifamily Investing

Through our streamlined investing platform, you will find our team investing alongside you with a commitment to steward each of our multifamily investments as our own. Learn more about how you can become a multifamily investor by scheduling a call with one of our representatives!

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