Acquiring Investment Assets

At Wilkinson, we take a purposeful and precise approach when evaluating potential acquisitions in the multifamily real estate sector. Our acquisition criteria are carefully crafted to target Value Add and Core Plus properties, where we have the ability to exercise control over both revenue and expenses, resulting in a significant enhancement of Net Operating Income. To ensure a well-diversified cash flow and effectively manage risk, we have curated a portfolio consisting of numerous units across multiple properties and markets. By meticulously adhering to our detailed acquisition criteria, we can leverage the proven success of the multifamily sector and deliver sustainable returns for our valued investors.

Acquisition Criteria

We use the following criteria to identify the best investment properties; although an individual property we acquire might not meet all criteria:

  • Major Growth Market – Apartment Home Communities located in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis and other Southeast growth markets, and Northwest secondary markets.
  • Attractive Property Type – “Garden Style” and “Mid-Rise” community with 200 or more units. Communities with fewer units will be considered if the Fund Manager (or its Affiliates) is already acquiring other assets in the
  • Market-Rate Rents – No more than 10% of government assistance or tax credit in the property portfolio. 


  • Confirmed Growth – Assessment Evaluation of location based on demographics, local growth plan and in-person visits to review the market. The Fund Manager will strive to acquire Fund assets in five- to 10-year growth paths in order to achieve optimal investment exits.

  • Year-2000 or Newer Construction – Older properties will be considered if the Sponsor or its Affiliates believe they are in a B+ or better location with a significant value-add story.
  • Favorable Purchase Price – We will seek to negotiate purchase prices at or below replacement cost.
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