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Wilkinson’s proprietary 360 Impact approach is an all-encompassing, holistic management strategy designed to create flourishing apartment communities that significantly and positively impact our quadruple bottom line: purpose, people, planet and profit.

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We seek to create an abundant quality of life.

Our purpose is to create an abundant quality of life for our residents and employees. While our goal is to help build substantial financial resources, in our work we seek to model personal wealth in strength of character, positive attitudes, life balance, financial freedom, and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

We build beyond business.


We strive to foster human flourishing.

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When you trust us with your real estate investment, together we strive to create a flourishing human experience that gives people the potential for a better quality of life. Our greatest assets are the people with whom we work. We place a deep priority on delivering an outstanding experience to our residents. We seek to exceed our investors’ expectations. We passionately value our team members. We work to find ways of expressing this ideal by seeking to understand others and assuring they have the power and opportunity to thrive. These pursuits drive us to want to be the best at what we do.

We create better communities. Education | Safety | Wellness | Better Places and Reasons to Connect

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We love our planet.

We are nothing without the beautiful planet we live on, and we take seriously the responsibility of preserving its natural beauty and resources for future generations. We implement sustainable practices and prioritize environmental considerations throughout our portfolio. Through the implementation of eco-friendly technologies, resource conservation efforts, and sustainable building practices, we aim to reduce our ecological impact and foster a harmonious relationship with nature.

Our focus on environmental impact just makes good business sense.


We drive to increase net operating income.

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Each asset is carefully managed and operated by a professional property management company familiar with the market where the asset is located. With professional property management and oversight by our asset management team, we can have significant influence over an asset’s valuation by keeping careful oversight of operations, leveraging an impact-focused approach to business, and making targeted improvements to control the asset’s net operating income. Click below to learn more about our strategy.

Thoughtful Planning and Implementation | Conservative Underwriting

Join the 360 Impact

Step into a new realm of investment with our 360 Impact program, where your financial ventures align with purpose-driven principles. By investing with a focus on the four pillars of Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit, you are not only securing rigorous business management that maximizes profitability, but also ensuring a positive impact on communities and the environment. Our commitment goes beyond conventional returns – we believe in cultivating thriving communities while delivering impressive financial gains. Join us in reshaping the investment landscape, where profit finds its source of inspiration in purpose, resulting in sustainable financial growth and meaningful community transformations.

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