About Our Investment Team & Values

The Wilkinson Family of Companies is an integrated collection of real estate investment platforms transacting over $3.0 billion of real estate over the last 30 years. With a world-class team, we carefully craft and execute plans to create strong passive investment results and bring about a positive impact on people and the planet.

We specialize in acquiring and revitalizing older multifamily apartment communities, enhancing their value through property improvements, operational optimization, and a commitment to community well-being. With a proven track record of successfully managing over 14,000 multifamily units, we consistently deliver superior investment results, providing passive investors with strong financial returns and impactful outcomes, returning 100% of all capital and strong profits.

Senior Staff

Russell l. Wilkinson

Russell L. Wilkinson

Founder And Chairman Of The Board

Lonnie P Gienger

Lonnie P. Gienger

Chief Executive Officer

James T Wilkinson

James T. Wilkinson

President – Wilkinson Development


Taylor Hall

Chief Financial Officer

George Waymire

George Waymire

Chief Investment Officer

Justin P Du Bruille

justin p. du bruille

Chief Legal Officer


david mcKinney

managing director &
EVP Investor Relations

Riley Wilkinson

Riley Wilkinson

executive vice president of business development

Dale Schwandt

Dale Schwandt

Vice President Financial Analytics

Dana Smith

Dana Smith

Vice President Asset Management


Joseph Scaffin

Vice President of Asset Management


These Are Our Core Values

I - Inspiring Quality Relationships

We believe that business and personal success is built through relationships and that all quality relationships are mutually beneficial. Our philosophy is “win-win” or “no deal.”  We believe in mutual success before individual gain. 

B - Building Beyond Business

We believe that our business exists for purposes beyond financial or business interests.  So our decisions and actions are based on motives and goals which will ultimately make a positive difference in lives and in communities. What we do today must always be measured against what will matter most beyond this life.

U - Unleashing Wealth Of Life

We are passionate about the journey of unleashing an out of the ordinary wealth of life characterized by continual growth in five forms of capital--financial, relational, spiritual, intellectual and social capital.

I - Innovating Systematic Excellence

We take extreme ownership for creating systematic excellence in everything we do.  The standard of excellence will be higher tomorrow than it is today because of what we do. Our excellent outcomes come from strong systems continually improved by our innovative people. 

L - Loving People

Our goal is to love people by always seeking to improve the quality of every life and every business we work with. Every team member, investor, resident, client, supplier, or stakeholder will be better off in some way because of their interaction with us.  We influence and inspire people by serving them well with genuine concern for their well-being and happiness. 

D - Doing The Right Thing

Integrity is the foundation of all success. Therefore, we will not make decisions solely on what seems expedient, profitable, or convenient. Our decisions will be based first on what is ethical, moral, just, fair and right — regardless of the immediate personal or corporate cost.

More than $3.0 billion total transactional amount over the company’s history

Over three decades, we have learned that success is not just measured by financial gain, but by the quality of relationships and the footprints we leave behind. We believe that successful real estate ownership is about more than just making money. It must also positively impact people and the world around us. Our 360 Impact real estate approach creates flourishing apartment communities that significantly and positively impact our residents, our teams, and our clients.

More than $2.2 billion of the total amount is in multifamily apartment communities

Our greatest assets are the people with whom we work—we place a huge priority on delivering an outstanding experience to our residents, and do everything we can to exceed our investors’ expectations. This pursuit is what drives us to be the best at passive investing in real estate.

Our Vision

To be a world-class leader in building exceptional people and wealth that brings peace of mind, character, strong relationships, as well as financial growth. We intentionally seek to recognize opportunities to make a positive social and environmental impact through every decision we make in ways that also promote a healthy financial outlook. We believe our businesses exist to create an abundant quality of life for our residents, clients, and employees—purposes beyond just passive real estate investing. And we have developed a rigorously disciplined approach to creating strong profit to help ensure the success of each investment and the continuation of the virtuous cycle of positive impact.

In short, the value our clients receive when investing with us is this:

  • Three decades of returning all capital plus strong earnings on every full-cycle multifamily fund.
  • Top-tier national standards and expertise grounded in small-town family values.
  • A streamlined, proven real estate investing process with more predictable results
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