The asset management team at Wilkinson utilizes a unique, hands-on approach to managing all assets. We build a detailed business plan for each asset and follow it closely to make sure it provides the returns our property investors expect.

Our real estate investment properties include a wide range of upgrades, designed to satisfy our resident demographic. Some of these include reserved parking, carports, beautifully landscaped and fenced yards with patios. New washer-dryer units have been added to the properties, and we have negotiated new telecom contracts which provided some added income to investors.

With an extensive list of vendor partners, Wilkinson gets the best pricing on goods and services purchased, creating more value for each asset. Some of these include shared contracts for landscaping, security, and refuse services. We also continue to invest in the latest green initiatives which provide tax benefits. These amenities and more help to create a positive residential experience and excellent returns for our clients that invest in rental properties.

The Wilkinson asset management business plan includes daily monitoring of occupancy, trends in the industry, and financials to make sure there are no issues. If corrective actions are needed, they can happen quickly. Every move our asset team makes is done under the oversight of our Chief Investment Officer. Clients that invest in multifamily properties can have the confidence that their assets are being cared for.

Our company commits to being completely transparent with our clients so that they can be assured that their assets are being managed at the highest level to create growth and value. We provide a complete report package to our investors each quarter as well as a total financial breakdown and analysis once a year. Learn how to become a property investor by contacting one of our representatives.


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