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Wilkinson Properties Fund 17, LLC

With Wilkinson Properties Fund 17, Wilkinson Corporation continues its tradition of offering investors a diversified portfolio of well-chosen multifamily properties strategically located to optimize potential returns​.

Wilkinson Properties Fund 17, LLC

Asset Type: Garden Style and Mid-Rise Multifamily Communities
Real Estate Classes: Value-Add and Core Plus
Target Number: 4 – 7 Properties
Expected Hold Periods:
6 – 8 Years
Target Fund Size:
$50 Million
Minimum Investment: $50,000
Availability: Accredited & Qualified Investors
Target Metro Markets: Including Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis and other Southeastern growth markets including Savannah, Austin, San Antonio, as well as Pacific Northwest secondary markets


Class A Investors Objectives/Expectations


Entitled to several priorities:

  • A higher Preferred Return (10%) than Class C investors (8%).
  • Targeted regular monthly distributions at a rate of 8%, which depend on available cash and count towards satisfying their Preferred Return.*

Priority in receiving their Return of Capital.

ADVANTAGE: Class A investors are expected to receive higher and more consistent income and have a lower risk profile.

*The balance of their Preferred Return accrues and builds up over time as new assets stabilize and regular cash flow grows. However, the Preferred Return is non-compounded. Investors investing $1M or more may be eligible to purchase units that provide a higher return. 


  • Expected to recognize most of their gains as portfolio properties are sold.**
  • Entitled to receive 80% of residual net cash flow after all investors have received their respective Preferred Returns plus Return of Capital.

ADVANTAGE: The 80% sharing of remaining (residual) net cash flow gives Class C investors an opportunity for considerably greater overall economic benefit.

** Upon a sale, after repayment of debt, accrued Preferred Returns, accrued Class A Preferred Returns, and repayment of Class A capital contributions on a pro-rata basis, Class C investors will receive their accrued Preferred Returns of 8% annualized and then a return of capital. Investors investing $1M or more may be eligible to purchase units that provide a higher return. 

Class C Investors Objectives/Expectations


Our streamlined investment platform provides Fund investors with easy, single-point access to Fund documents and information.

Easily Access on the Secure Encrypted Investor Portal

  • Quarterly Fund and asset-level financials​
  • Reports & announcements​
  • Detailed distribution notifications​
  • 1099s / K-1s​
  • Access to information about active offerings​
  • One central location for all Wilkinson Fund investments​
  • Streamlined process to purchase additional units in active offerings

Direct Deposits ​
Distributions are deposited directly into investor bank accounts to provide quick access to funds.​

Secure Electronic Delivery ​
All Fund documents can be securely delivered to advisors, accountants, and estate planning attorneys via shared portal access.​


Our expertise, selectivity, diligence, planning and management has produced solid performance results for our multifamily funds and their investors


Average Price Appreciation¹


Exited Multifamily Properties


IRR Typical Targeted Returns2,3


IRR Realized Average Returns3,4


Average Investor Equity Multiple3,4

  1. Average includes all sold multifamily properties across Wilkinson’s history whether or not owned by multifamily funds.
  2. As underwritten prior to acquisition for investors in multifamily funds.
  3. Average Investor Equity Multiple, Typical Targeted Returns Realized Average Gains calculated at multifamily fund investor level net of fees.
  4. Growth Focused Investment Average returns and equity multiple higher than overall averages for investors in multifamily funds.

Fund 17 will not own any of the properties discussed above. Past results are not indicative of future performance, and Fund 17’s performance could differ significantly.


Invest With Confidence


A top-flight real estate organization that has been creating thriving multifamily real estate investments—and communities—since 1991

Part of the Wilkinson Family of Companies

The Wilkinson Family of Companies is an integrated collection of real estate investment platforms that have transacted over $3.0 billion of real estate over the last 30+ years.

The firm fields a world-class team that carefully crafts and executes plans to create strong investment results and bring about positive impact on people and the planet.

Proud of Our Accomplishments

Wilkinson has acquired over 14,750 multifamily units across the country and has taken dozens of investment properties full cycle.  On average, our multifamily investments have delivered greater-than-anticipated investment and impact-oriented results.

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