New Investment Opportunity

Wilkinson Properties Fund 16, LLC

The Wilkinson Team is pleased to announce that Wilkinson Properties Fund 16, LLC is now open to new investments. The fund is targeting a $50M raise, having gathered investments of >$15M to date, as well as a variety of commitments. Fund 16 acquired ownership interests in three properties in 2021, and is targeting investments in up to four additional multifamily properties located in Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, and other select markets.

Fund 16 follows a formula developed nearly ten years ago beginning with Fund 10. Fund 16 now offers two investment focuses, Class A interests for those who seek current income, targeting 8% current income and 10% total annualized returns and Class C interests which focuses on growth, providing an 8% preferred return accruing, 80/20 split and 13-17% IRR over a 5-7 year period.
The Wilkinson Family of Companies is an integrated collection of real estate investment platforms transacting over $2.6 billion of real estate over the last 30 years, with a world-class team carefully crafting and executing plans to create strong investment results and bring about positive impact on people and the planet. On average, our growth focused investors have received >23% IRR net of fees.

Today, our multifamily investment portfolio includes 13 apartment home communities consisting of 4,570 units valued at over $600 million with plans to add 1,000 – 1,500 Value-added and Core+ units per year in targeted markets including Atlanta, Indianapolis and Dallas. We manage approximately $210 million of invested capital sourced from individual, institutional, and family office investors.

Over three decades, we have learned that success is not just measured by financial gain, but by the quality of relationships and the footprints we leave behind. We believe that successful real estate ownership is about more than just making money. It must also positively impact people and the world around us. Our 360 Impact purpose-driven real estate approach creates flourishing apartment communities that significantly and positively impact our residents, our teams and our clients.

In short, the value people receive when people invest with us is this:

  • Three decades of returning all capital plus strong earnings on every multifamily investment.

  • Top-tier national standards and expertise grounded in small town family values.

  • A streamlined, proven real estate investing process with more predictable results.

  • We commit to steward every investment as our own.

Should you wish to learn more, please contact David McKinney at dmckinney@ or 509-833-0063 for more information.

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