Stewarding Your Investment as Our Own

When it comes to investing in real estate, many investors hesitate, especially during times of economic turbulence. They may feel they lack the expertise to make informed decisions about when to buy or sell or how to minimize risks. Additionally, they may not have the time or experience to ensure the properties they invest in are being managed to maximize value. Most investors know that diversifying their portfolio with real estate is important, however, unless they have a friend with deep experience in that asset class, they’re not sure if they’ll get the best possible outcomes.

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At the Wilkinson Family of Companies, we aim to be that trusted friend. With more than 30 years of successful real estate investment and management experience, we invest alongside our clients and manage every aspect of the process with time-tested strategies. Our goal is to provide peace of mind by handling clients’ investments as if they are our own.

With each investment decision, we ask ourselves: “What would we do in this decision if every dollar invested was our own?” No sponsor, including us, can guarantee a return on investment or even a return of capital. However, what we can promise is to do our best to care for our clients’ investments as if they were our own. We are committed to being loyal to our clients’ best interests to the best of our knowledge and ability. 

This commitment is not just a marketing ploy or legal obligation but an internal impulse that flows from the heart of our Core Values. We believe that integrity is the foundation of all success. Our decisions will always be based on what is ethical, moral, just, fair, and right, regardless of the immediate personal or corporate cost. We are committed to doing the right thing, no matter what, no matter who sees, and no matter who knows, and letting the consequences follow.

Determining the right thing is not always easy, and there are times when the outcomes of a given decision are not known or not completely clear. There are situations where there are naturally competing interests, and individual perceptions on an issue differ. It’s in these times that trust is gained or lost, and where the foundation for long-term success is built or eroded. If there is any question about what the “right thing” is, our commitment is to seek the best wisdom and advice we can, engage the right minds in the discussion, carefully listen to each viewpoint, and weigh each option.

Our Investment Committee of seasoned real estate professionals spends hours, and sometimes even days, discussing, evaluating, and debating to arrive at a decision that truly represents “doing the right thing.” Our team members challenge our direction based on their answer to the question of what they would do if this were all their own money, resulting in a higher percentage of decisions that are truly beneficial to our clients. 

This commitment starts from the top and permeates everything we do. For example, our founder, Russ Wilkinson, made a decision to disclose something to a third party despite a strong recommendation from trusted legal counsel that disclosure wasn’t required, and that if they did disclose it, it would cost Russ personally an additional million dollars. That decision wasn’t based on what was profitable, but on what was ethical, based on our understanding of the golden rule of doing to others what we would want ourselves. In subsequent months and years, we made more money from that party than what was lost as a result of that voluntary disclosure.

Shot of group of business persons in business meeting. Three entrepreneurs on meeting in board room. Corporate business team on meeting in modern office. Female manager discussing new project with her colleagues. Company owner on a meeting with two of her employees in her office.

With the mindset of treating every dollar as if it were our own, our organization has instilled a culture in which our asset management teams go above and beyond to protect and grow the value of each investment property. They work tirelessly around the clock, taking ownership of the investments, and making decisions that benefit both the property and our residents. We believe this approach will create sustainable success for our investors and enhance the overall experience for our tenants.

The true magic of this ownership perspective is most evident when facing unexpected challenges. Our team’s unwavering commitment to doing the right thing, regardless of the circumstances, allows them to find a pathway to success. They work diligently, overcoming insurmountable obstacles and finding solutions. When it comes to finding ways to succeed despite unexpected challenges, I would put our team up against the best in the country.

The value of this mindset in creating better investment outcomes cannot be quantified, but it is very real. Experienced investors recognize the value of working with a team that possesses disciplined tenacity and drive and that an unwavering commitment to do the right thing is one of the most reliable multipliers of long-term sustainable success. So even though we can never remove all risks inherent in investing, we hope to remove all doubt that you can count on our commitment to steward every investment as if it were our own.

Our mindset of treating every dollar as our own permeates our organization. Our asset management teams work tirelessly around the clock to protect and grow the value of each of our investment properties. They make certain improvements to a property that may not be absolutely required in the normal course of business, but is the right thing for our residents. We have found that, in the long run, doing right by our residents creates sustainable success for all of our investors. 

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The commitment to treat your investment as our own goes beyond just making ethical decisions, it extends to the way we manage and operate the properties we invest in. We believe that by maintaining the physical condition of the property, implementing cost-effective upgrades and renovations, and providing exceptional customer service to our residents, we can maximize its value and minimize risk.

At the Wilkinson Family of Companies, we understand the importance of treating your investment as if it were our own. It’s not just a slogan or a marketing ploy – it’s a fundamental part of our culture and values. We are committed to seeking the best possible outcomes for our investors despite any unexpected challenges,  and to managing each investment property with the same care and attention to detail that we would if it were our own. This approach is the key to our long-term success and the success of our investors.

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