Wilkinson’s Fund 10 Has Now Gone Full Cycle!

The final of eleven Fund 10 portfolio properties was sold late in Q4 2021. Wilkinson acquired the property in October 2016 for $37M and sold the property just over five years later for $84M, which was 127% increase in property value – perhaps one of the largest gains we have seen to date against a historical average of approximately 60% across our 30-year history.

Designed as our third post-recession diversified value-added multifamily focused fund, Wilkinson Equity Income Fund 10 began raising capital and making investments in 2013. Investors focused on three primary investment objectives, income (Class A), moderate growth (Class B), and high growth (Class C). Eleven properties were acquired and sold in the Atlanta and Indianapolis markets.

In the end, each income focused Class A member will have received 8.0% annualized monthly distributions and a total of 10% annualized return on investment as expected, Class B members will receive a 12% annualized return on investment as expected, and Class C members should receive just over 3.4x their original investment as Fund 10 goes full cycle. This Class C result has far exceeded expectations. If you would like to learn about our current diversified multifamily offering, Wilkinson Properties Fund 16, LLC, click on the following link to discover how we have positioned the fund to take advantage of value-added and core plus strategies in the Atlanta, Indianapolis and Dallas markets. https://wilkinsoncorporation.com/fund-16-documents
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